Recruiters are on LinkedIn, Job Seekers Hang Out on Facebook – How to Bridge the Gap

If a job seeker performed a search on Google to determine the best way to get found by recruiters on LinkedIn, there is no shortage of advice. And the many social recruiting surveys are telling us that LinkedIn is the preferred social media platform for recruiters. Although many professionals have a LinkedIn profile, when they are looking for new employment opportunities, they are hanging out on Facebook because that’s where they’ll find their support network, the people who they know well and feel comfortable reaching out to for help. To complicate matters, another phenomenon is that some recruiters are leaving LinkedIn because they are discovering that they are tapping into the same candidate pool now that so many of them have a presence there.


Since a considerable amount of recruiters are still on LinkedIn and job seekers are more comfortable on Facebook, what’s the best way to bridge the gap between LinkedIn and Facebook? Before recommending possible solutions to that issue, it’s worth saying that every job seeker should be working with a job search strategy, which includes the various ways of finding a new job. This means: Uploading resumes and CVS to job board databases, meeting with contacts, attending networking events, building a social media presence, not just on LinkedIn, but also on Twitter and Facebook.


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Bridging the LinkedIn-Facebook Divide

To bridge the Facebook/LinkedIn gap, there are now apps that recruiters can use on Facebook to discover job seekers, and that job seekers can use to discover employment opportunities. The most common apps to do this include:

BeKnown (Created by This app allows job seekers to create a LinkedIn style professional network on top of their Facebook contacts.
BranchOut: This is one of the largest professional communities on Facebook. The app allows you to have Professional Timelines, living narratives of who you are professionally. It allows job seekers to build a virtual network of business connections in addition to their Facebook contacts.
Hire My Friend: This is a Facebook app that allows people to help their friends who are looking for employment opportunities. Job seekers answer a few questions so that others know what kind of job they are searching for.
LinkUp Facebook App: This app allows companies with available jobs to post them on their Facebook Fan pages. The implication for the job seeker is to like and follow the fan pages of companies and brands that they admire.
Social Jobs Partnership: The Social Jobs Partnership is a collaboration among Facebook, the U.S. Department of Labor, the National Association of Colleges and Employers, Direct Employers Association, and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies. The goal of Social Jobs Partnership is to assist the unemployed to find new jobs through social networks.

The apps have different features and some are easier to use than others. Using one or two of these Facebook apps should be part of your overall job search strategy. They will allow you to bridge the gap so that recruiters can find you.