Millennial Women at Work: It’s Time to Define Your Own Success

Millennial women are working hard to shatter the glass ceiling, but the path to advancement is not always clear. Learn how to manage your career with six simple conversation starters.

As the world of work changes in favor of gender equality, millennial women find themselves facing new challenges on how to manage and advance their careers. 
Worryingly, one-third of Millennial females said no one in their organization is supporting women into leadership— no one is walking the talk or making the commitment. The reality is, that in today's "do more with less" business environment, it is up to the employee to manage their own path with a "career for me" approach. This means managing your own career path; looking outside the organization for opportunities to upskill and being your own advocate when it comes to career advancement and growth. 
Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. 
Often times, the biggest challenge for the younger members of the workforce is knowing just how, when and where to broach the subject of advancement with their managers.
Many young millennials— especially women— feel that they are in uncharted territory when it comes to discussions about their careers. The good news is— the path forward is clearer than you think and it starts with a career conversation
Beginning the career conversation with your manager is the first of many steps toward achieving growing success. Want to get the ball rolling with your boss? These are the 6 questions to ask: 
Today, the biggest barrier toward progress is also the biggest opportunity. Millennials as a whole are confident that their generation will be the generation that will achieve gender parity. 100% of millennial women believe that they will be the ones to do it, and though they remain cautiously optimistic, they firmly believe that the need for relationships and networking will help grow their careers. Start the process of managing your career, and schedule a career conversation with your boss today!
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