Job Networking vs. Career Networking: Are You Thinking Short-Term or Long-Term?

Are you thinking long-term or short-term for your career? Use these networking tips to achieve long-term professional success and establish a career for life.

There’s a big difference between networking for a single job vs. networking for your career. Networking for a single job is designed to achieve a short-term goal and may or may not feed into your career goals long term. Career networking, however, involves establishing connections that can benefit you over the course of your career as you advance from job to job. 
With job networking, you're thinking about the short-term—what income can you obtain to jettison you to the next job, or leg of your career, for instance. With career networking, you're building a personal brand.
The Benefits of Short-Term Networking for a Job

There are times when short-term networking is necessary. You may find yourself suddenly without work due to a layoff or other unforeseen circumstances. Perhaps you've just graduated college and need to land an entry-level position. Or maybe you're transitioning from one career to another and need to establish yourself in your new career. 

Job networking can also be used as a tool to achieve a time-sensitive goal. For example, you need to pay off a debt and could use some additional income.
One way to look at job networking is to see each position as a stepping stone in your career. See your career as a lattice, a patchwork of challenging projects that move your career forward as you develop new skills for your next project. 
The Benefits of Long-Term Networking for Your Career

It is important to consider your long term goals and career path. Where do you want to be in five, 10, and 20 years? Establish relationships with colleagues, coworkers, bosses, and other people in your field, then stay in contact with those professionals throughout the year. Maintaining such relationships for mutual benefit makes you more well-rounded and ready for the next challenge. Connections used to snag a job can be nurtured to move you along your career path toward your long-term goals.

Networking is based on relationships. Build powerful relationships with people who can assist you in nurturing your career and that you can also benefit as they establish their career path.


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