I’m Ready for a Career Change: Now What?

Recently, Manpower led a webinar titled, “I’m Ready for a Career Change: Now What?” where they moved through the necessary steps to take for a successful career change.  Here are highlights from the webinar.


Signs that you might be ready for a career change:



Are You Ready for a Job Change or a Career Change?

Job Change

Career Change

Steps for Making a Career Change

Step 1: Figure it Out (What do you want?)

Things to consider:

Step 2: Assess Yourself: (What can you offer?)

Conduct a Personal Inventory

Step 3: Fill in the Gaps

After you have conducted a personal inventory, what skills gap have you uncovered? There are a variety of ways to fill in the gaps.

Step 4: Take Action (Make a plan)

Commit to a Plan

Set New Career Goals

Establish a New Personal Brand

Revise Your Resume/Online Profile

A career change can be one of the very best decisions that you ever make, but you have to take the time to do it the correct way. Interested in learning more? Watch Manpower’s  recorded webinar, “I’m Ready for a Career Change: Now What?”