How to Use Twitter during the Job Search Process

Twitter can be overwhelming because of the volume of tweets. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you are aware of how to use the tool productively. Although most job seekers use LinkedIn as part of their job search strategy, Twitter shouldn’t be ignored because 54 percent of recruiters use Twitter in social recruiting according toJobvite’s 2012 Social Recruiting Survey.


Building an online presence is ultimately about building relationships, and creating a profile on Twitter is no different. Use Twitter to share useful and valuable information to build awareness of your professional expertise, and network with people in your areas of interest, some of whom you would unlikely have access to in the offline world. To have a more encompassing strategy to find a job using Twitter requires that the job seeker be both proactive and passive on the social media platform.


Proactive Twitter Job Search Strategies


  1. Initiate discussions with people who you find interesting and knowledgeable. To find people on Twitter, the social media platform has a search function, but it’s best if you integrate the search functionality of other apps with Twitter search. For example, on the homepage of Twtrland you can perform a search on any subject, then it allows you to filter the results of your search. Twtrland produces profiles of people on Twitter and you can decide who to follow. If you are following someone who you think is a thought leader, look at their followers and choose people to follow from that list. If there are specific companies that you would like to follow, enter their names into Twitter search and follow them.
  2. Search for Twitter chats that revolve around the industry that you are interested in, participate and get to know other attendees, meet contacts, and showcase your expertise. If you cannot find an industry chat, after you have followers, host one.
  3. Participate in job search chats: Jobhuntchat hosted every Monday from 10 pm -11pm Eastern Time, allows you to connect with recruiters, career experts, HR professionals, as well as other job seekers. #Leadershipchat hosted every Tuesday 8:00 pm ET, is the spot where leaders from all over the world come together to share insights, and is a great place for job seekers to network and share ideas. #Hirefriday hosted every Friday at 12:00 PM EST enables job seekers to network with each other, and at #jobseekersm hosted on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm, experts teach job seekers how to use social media to find a new job. You can find a list of Twitter chats at Twitter Chat Schedule.
  4. Retweet important information from others, but add your insights so you are seen as a thought leader.


Important Reactive Twitter Job Search Strategies


  1. Use to track jobs posted on Twitter.
  2. The website connects employers and potential employees. If you follow @JobShouts on Twitter they’ll email you when positions are available.
  3. Create Twitter lists from across disciplines. For instance, create a list of industry experts, one for thought leaders, another for companies that you are interested in working for. Use Hootsuite, a third party application that allows you to streamline all your social media accounts in one place. You are able to easily keep track of your lists, and it is easier to engage with people who you want to notice you because you are removing a lot of the Twitter “noise.”


By using a few of these ideas, you have another tool in your job seeker’s toolkit to assist you in finding a new job.