How to Be a Better Writer

The ability to write well is expected in the workplace, yet many professionals struggle with this skill. Improve your writing skills with one of these free online courses.

These days, professionals spend a good part of their day writing emails, reports, articles and other types of written communications. Although the ability to write effectively is an important skill in a business environment, it is being impacted by texting. When texting, the individual cares about responding quickly, so he or she uses acronyms and common shorthand – therefore, the behavior becomes the norm, and professionals sometimes forget how to communicate in formal situations. As with anything, improving your writing skills will take practice. And if you are not a good writer, there are many excellent free online courses that you can take, and they vary in completion times, and levels of difficulty. Some of the courses listed are self-paced, while others you have to take during a specific time span, although you have some flexibility in the time of day that you work on them.

4 Free Classes to Improve Your Writing Skills

High-Impact Business Writing: This course is offered by Coursera, there are four modules, and under four hours of instructions. You have to invest time in doing the assignments to get the results you want. The four modules include: Introduction to Business Writing; Spelling, Grammar, Sentence and Paragraphs; Document Types and their Considerations; and Finalizing Formal Document, Informal Written Communication and Social Media.

Writing for the Web: Print writing is very different from writing for the web, so if you have a personal blog, or blog for the organization, this course can assist you. It is offered at a specific time, takes an investment of 16 hours, and is comprised of four lessons - Why Writing for the Web is Different, Characteristics of Good Content, Writing Effective Content, and Looking After Your Content.

Secret Sauce of Great Writing: You’ll find this free course on Udemy, and it takes two hours of your time to watch the videos – a total of 10 lectures. The lectures cover topics such as: The Key Ingredients of Slick Writing, Simplicity, Clarity, and Famous Writers on Writing.

Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More: The greatest writers do not sit down and produce amazing content the first draft, they have to polish their writing. This is what this course will do for you – teach you how to polish your writing.

If you only took only two of the above courses, in a short time you will improve your writing skills. But to ensure that you keep your skills sharp, you have to practice, practice, and then practice some more.

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