Considering the Job Offer: It’s About More than Salary

Beyond compensation, there seems to be a notable emphasis in today’s job market on issues that contribute to job satisfaction that go beyond compensation. In your next job search, along with the money, you may also find yourself seeking out “employers of choice” that can offer you rewarding work both personally and professionally that fits with your lifestyle and is also in sync with your own personal value system.  
So, after you’ve received the offer and reviewed the compensation package thoroughly, you may want to take a few additional moments of quiet time to think about issues as such fit/culture/values:  
Yes, these are tough questions to ask, both of ourselves and of our potential next employer. Yet, employees who report the highest levels of job satisfaction seem to have considered a myriad of factors in choosing their work: can they do the job well? Will they fit in with the organizational culture? And can they be true to their own value system while doing the work of the organization? Important questions for us all, whether evaluating a job offer or not.
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