CEOs Aren’t the Only Ones Who Need a Board of Directors

Want to accelerate your career? Learn how a personal "Board of Directors" can help you achieve your professional goals.

To accelerate your career and leadership development, form your own personal Board of Directors. You don’t need a boardroom or wood paneled walls. You don’t need the title of CEO.  All you need are the right people who want to help you succeed and are committed to guiding, advising, coaching, and supporting you to achieve your results. 
The difference between a Board of Directors and having a mentor, coach, or a network of supportive colleagues is two-fold. First, you have access to skills and competencies in a variety of fields from a group of experts dedicated to helping you succeed for a specified period of time. Second, collectively you and your Board have agreed-upon roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, and working agreements that formalize the process. This type of clear accountability coupled with a diverse group of advisors will be the very thing that will accelerate your success. 
Here is a roadmap to help you form and lead your personal Board of Directors.
Getting Started
Once you have the Board in place, structuring your working arrangements and following through on commitments are critical to maximizing the benefits you will derive from your Board. What you put into helping the Board help you is directly correlated to what you will gain.
Working with your Board
Like all corporate and non-profit boards, you may switch out Board Members based on personal reasons, new expertise needed, time commitments, and end of commitment period. As new Board Members come on board, make sure you bring them up to speed and transition them into the group seamlessly with background information, progress report, and goals. 
Celebrate your successes with the Board and make time to acknowledge, celebrate, and recognize the Board of Directors for the guidance and expertise they have provided to you.
Most importantly, having your own Board of Directors is a luxury and a gift. Use it wisely and with great appreciation.
Don’t wait until you are a CEO, create your Board now and watch what can happen!
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