Be Mindful of These Don’ts after a Job Rejection

Learning that you were not the successful candidate for a coveted position after multiple rounds of interviews can be tough, even for the most level headed and even-keeled person. It is important to take time to decompress, expressing your feelings to someone you are close to, such as a spouse or a dear friend. But never lash out or bad mouth a prospective employer, because there is a reason why you decided to interview with them in the first place. Being rejected hurts your pride and ego, but on the other hand, it’s self-confidence that will win you your next job. Be mindful of the following don’ts after a job rejection.


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Don’t burn bridges. This cannot be emphasized enough. You are living in a small world, and you may cross paths again with the interviewer. This means that you should never argue with or be belligerent toward the interviewer for not choosing you. If you behave in a professional and graceful manner after the job rejection, that makes you memorable, and you will likely hear about other opportunities within the company that most closely align with your skills. Better yet, send a thank-you letter to all those who interviewed you, thanking them for interviewing you.


When you are feeling vulnerable after a job rejection, the last thing you want to do is to spend time with people who have abandoned their job search. You want to be around people who inspire and motivate you because they bring out the best in you. This inspiration will push you to work harder to find a job. Perseverance will enable you to win the prize of a job that’s perfect for you.

Don’t assume that you performed perfectly in a job interview, you may have, but it’s possible that you made some mistakes. You must have done many things right since you were invited for several rounds of interview. Reflect on the interviews objectively.  Are there things you could have done differently? Mistakes are lessons learned that you can use when the next opportunity arises.

After a job rejection, it is important to stay focused and motivated, so dust yourself off, and move forward with your job search goal, because you will eventually achieve success, getting the job of your dreams.