Are You Investing Enough Time in Managing Your Career?

We are living in an age where employees have to proactively manage their careers. The days when an employee gets promoted by virtue of their tenure is a thing of the past. It is a global marketplace, so you are not just competing against people in your city, state, or even country, you now have to be concerned about those in other countries as well. That is not a bad thing, in fact, it is great news, because good things can and will happen to you if you take the time to effectively manage your career. Take a look around you, have you ever noticed that it does not matter what’s going on in the economy, some people always seem to come out ahead? And even if these people suffer setbacks, even major ones, they always seem to bounce back from the challenges and difficulties that they face.


What’s so special about these people? And what can you learn from them about managing your career?


When you delve deeply into their lives, you’ll discover that what set these highly accomplished people apart from the herd, is that they follow what is called the 10X Rule. That is, they spend more time thinking about what they would like to accomplish, and they take more focused actions. Additionally, they also condition their mind to focus on success. They amplify their thoughts and actions by at least 10 times. That is, they dream big dreams, and consistently take more steps toward their major goals. They take action every day toward achieving the goals that matter to them, never leaving anything up to chance. And most importantly, they are lifelong learners, always investing in training to grow professionally. There is a statistic floating around that you should invest 10 percent of your income on professional development.


When it comes to managing your career, are you investing enough time, or are you leaving it up to chance, hoping that someone will take note of your work? Sometimes it happens that way, but why would you want to gamble with your career?


Look at where you are. Have you had any major accomplishments since you were first hired by the company? How do you stack up against those who started in similar roles around the same time? Are you further ahead, or lagging behind them? Are you where you expected to be by now in your career? These are uncomfortable questions to ask yourself, but to move forward you have to address them.


Take stock of where you want to go. Where do you see yourself in your career three years from now? What steps do you have to take to get to that stage? Are there courses that you have to take to fill any potential skills gap? Are there special projects that you can take on to help you acquire the skills that you will need in the future?


Follow the example of highly successful people. Do what highly accomplished people do, amplify your goals and actions ten times. The reality is that most people will not do that because it is too much work, so that immediately sets you apart. Do not be daunted by the thought of doing ten times more than what’s necessary, instead, break down your goal into sub-goals, and make sure that you work on that goal every day, even if it’s only for 30 minutes.


Ask for help. Additionally, talk to your boss, ask for advice on things you could be doing differently. Find out how you can support him or her. If you are supporting your boss in managing her career, then more than likely she will support you as well. It is very difficult to attain any success worth noting without the assistance of others. Attaining success is hard work, so make sure that you are investing enough time into managing your career.