How to Ask for a Raise

Do you feel that you are fairly compensated for the work that you do in your organization? How does your salary stack up to people in the same roles in other organizations? Do you believe that you have to wait until review time to ask for a raise? Many people who do not get the compensation they deserve, often do ask their bosses for a raise. It may be because many people feel uncomfortable talking about money. And they may also think that their bosses see the quality of the work they do, and will reward them accordingly. But making sure that you progress in the organization, getting the salary you deserve, is your responsibility.


How do you ask for a raise?


It may surprise you, but there is an art to asking for a raise, and if you understand the process, you are more likely to get it.


Step 1: Gather Evidence


Preparation is usually critical to getting the things you want in life. And your boss may not be aware of all your accomplishments. With this in mind:



Step 2: Make Your Ask Matter!



Step 3: Asking for the Raise


Asking for a raise doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. By planning and following the steps above, you will remove any feelings of angst from the process because you are prepared. A little bit of preparation tends to go a long way.


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