6 Ways to Position Yourself as a Leader at Work

Ready to advance? It's up to you to demonstrate you're ready for the next step. Try these six strategies to showcase your leadership skills on the job.

If you want to move up in leadership at work, you have to get the right people to notice you. Here are six ways to improve your leadership skills and get recognized as a workplace leader:
  1. Exceed expectations. Go beyond simply doing your job. Arrive half an hour earlier and get a jump start on a new project. You might even stay half an hour longer at the end of the day to wrap up the loose ends on a project. If you can get more done, you'll be seen as a top performer. Some employees even work through lunch.
  2. Be a collaborator and inspire others. Develop a reputation as someone who is easy to work with. If you're given a project to lead, bring others in and share the glory. The more you inspire others, the better it reflects on you.
  3. Discuss it with your boss and pursue leadership training. Ask your boss if your company offers leadership training. The human resources department may have videos or other resources you can borrow. There may be paid training opportunities available to you if you ask. Use this opportunity to also start a career conversation with your boss to see where your next career move might be. Be proactive!
  4. Be a problem solver. See a problem that needs a solution? Be the one who solves the problem. This might take some research on your part, or you may need to speak with a technical expert on some issues, but if you save your manager the trouble and the time by solving a problem, that will be a feather in your cap.
  5. Seek mentoring. Leaders seek mentors. Look around in your company for someone who can mentor you and help you develop your leadership abilities.
  6. Praise your company on social media. As long as you're on social media, mention your company a few times. Tell what you like about it, or post interesting news articles about your company and its initiatives. This will always reflect positively upon you.
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