Contemporary talent and career support, everywhere you need us to be.

Ensuring our clients are ready for the future, now.

Contemporary talent and career support, everywhere you need us to be.

Anywhere Access through the most extensive network of locations and virtual connections.

Contemporary talent and career support, everywhere you need us to be.

Innovative solutions to deliver better results for clients and individuals.

Our Journey Continues...

The world of work is changing, and technology continues to create new ways for people to access products and services. Right Management is setting new standards in career transition, mobility and talent development to help our clients achieve their business goals and be ready for the future, now.

We are changing the way we do business, investing in contemporary workspaces and increasing the number of locations where clients and individuals can access our talent and career development solutions and ensuring access from virtually anywhere.

And we are expanding our portfolio of digital solutions and tools and bringing amazing digital experiences to our clients and their employees.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey in 2019 and beyond, as we continue to set new standards in career transition, mobility and talent development.

Increasing Our Presence for Anywhere Access

Knowing people are best served in locations and spaces that are most convenient to them, we are significantly increasing our presence in North America, ensuring access to our solutions and expert consultants from virtually anywhere. Right Management will be everywhere our clients and their employees need us to be.

Our presence in North America will include an extensive network of almost 1,400 sites, including contemporary full-service gateway locations, coaching centers and flexible work spaces. Additional client pop-up sites, community meeting spaces and internet and mobile connections will bring true “anywhere access” to our clients and their employees.

Gateway Locations

Coaching Centers

Flexible Work Spaces

Innovating and Digitizing Solutions & Tools

We will continue to innovate and digitize our online career development services and leadership development programs, supported by real-time coaching. By delivering a more flexible online experience, we are enhancing the level of coaching our expert consultants provide, delivering better results for our clients and individuals. This year we will continue to innovate our coaching solutions to include on-demand sessions enhanced by artificial intelligence and augmented reality, generating valuable insights for our clients and their employees.

ManpowerGroup has launched a new global Assessment Center of Excellence, led by Chief Talent Scientist Thomas Chamorro-Premuzic, an international expert in business psychology, consumer analytics and talent management.

The Assessment Center of Excellence will provide data-driven insight for companies to use in helping employees upskill while also predicting performance.

As organizations seek to invest and develop their employees, having this data will help employers accelerate performance and make better decisions on how to develop and motivate their workforce.

Learn more about how we are leveraging data to power our solutions:

Assessment Center of Excellence

Successful leadership starts with the right talent. Learn more about the importance of using the right assessments to understand which talent has the best potential and how organizations can use assessment data to create insights to optimize their workforce strategy.

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Digital Workforce Transformation

Technological disruption, digitization and automation are forcing businesses to transform how they work. Learn more about defining digital workforce transformation, macro trends driving this era, key technologies shaping digital workforce transformation and how digital transformation effects successful leadership capabilities.

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Digital Evolution Pathway

Industry leaders achieve greater productivity increase from investment in new technology than industry followers do (70 percent vs. 30 percent). Take the Digital Evolution Pathway to learn how digitally mature your organization is today, and learn more about how you can accelerate your progress.

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Artificial Intelligence in Talent Management

ManpowerGroup and Right Management are researching, investing and leveraging artificial intelligence to bring better tools and insight to our clients to help them find and develop the right talent to lead through digital transformation. Learn more about how we’re using AI to provide our clients with predictive performance and a skill ready workforce.

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Digital Experience Event Series

Digital transformation continues to emerge as a key driver in providing businesses with new opportunities to capture competitive advantage and create value. We are experts in the future of work, how digitization is transforming companies and the workforce strategies and skills organizations and people need to succeed in the Digital Age. We work with companies to help them maximize their investment in digital through developing the right workforce strategies, creating a culture of innovation and identifying and nurturing digital ready leaders. To share this expertise and discuss the practical steps organizations can take we are developing an exciting new event series to be hosted in locations around the world.

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Clients will also be able to experience high tech innovations for assessment, development and training like DigiQuotient™, our Digital Room, and Virtual Reality enabled safety training.

These events will facilitate discussions between clients and thought leaders from leading universities and businesses, as well as ManpowerGroup senior executives and offer immersive, interactive workshops where visitors can evaluate their future talent strategy and the impact of the digital revolution.