January 29th, 2014

What’s in Your Leadership Development Toolbox?

Author: Dr. Ric Roi, Global Talent Management COE Leader, Right Management


The practice of leadership development has evolved considerably. Years ago, the focus was on the individual: up-and-coming executives attended classroom programs and seminars, striving for personal development. Version 2.0 was team-based development, which emphasized skills like communication, decision-making, and morale building. Version 3.0 has shifted to collaboration; leaders are learning how to build and sustain relationships across organizational and geographic boundaries to achieve success in a global marketplace.


The best leadership development strategies integrate elements from all three phases: personal growth, team-based skills, and alliance building. Personalization and customization – one size fits one – are key. HR leaders have a wide range of tools – from coaching and mentoring to rotational assignments and experiential learning programs – at their disposal. Based on corporate goals and individual needs, you can employ any one (or a combination of) developmental strategies to achieve maximum impact.


Here is a brief overview of the top leader development approaches and the scenarios where they are likely to be most effective.




For a deeper look at each of these approaches and how they might fit your leadership development needs, I invite you to download Strategic Leadership Development: Global Trends and Approaches. This white paper provides an in-depth discussion of trends in leadership development based on a survey of 650+ senior executives worldwide conducted by Right Management and The Conference Board.



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