6 Ways to Know When It's Time to Switch Jobs

Tired of waiting for a promotion, raise or development opportunity? Here are six signs it may be time to look for a new job.

Professional man considering a job search

If you're unsure when it might be time to start looking for another job, there are some tell-tale signs. Here are six ways to know it's time to begin a job search or change employers.
  1. There's no chance for advancement. If you've topped out with your current employer, then it may be time to switch jobs. Even if you haven't advanced to the highest position in the company, if you look up and see no room for you, whether it be because others hold long-term positions or because you've been told you can go no further, then perhaps you should look elsewhere for advancement.
  2. There are no Career Conversations, and your attempts to start them are not encouraged. Career Conversations are an important part of your ongoing development. If you've tried talking to you boss about your career but he or she isn't interested, then it's time to find an employer who will take your career as seriously as you do.  
  3. There are no opportunities to upskill. With technology driving change at an unprecedented  rate, it's critical to keep your professional skills sharp. Upskilling (with the right skills) helps demonstrate your value to your company, and ensures your long-term employability. In addition to the ongoing learning you invest in for yourself, professional development is an important perk that many employers do provide. If your company doesn't offer it, you may need to find one that will.
  4. Automation & technology are making your job obsolete. Not every job in the workforce will be replaced by technology, but if automation is diminishing the value of your professional skills, then you can either find an employer who still values those skills or retrain and change careers. Either way, it may be time to start a job search.
  5. You've lost your passion. If you've lost the passion for your job, then find out what it is you are passionate about. 
  6. Your job is evolving into something that no longer aligns with your career goals. Career goals change, and that's okay. Sometimes, however, jobs change. If you find yourself in that situation, it could be time to look for another one.
Not all of these are reasons to begin a job search, but if you find that two or more of these are putting stress on your career aspirations, you might consider switching jobs.
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