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Improve Employability Profiles to Enhance Employment Security, ManpowerGroup Advises U.S. Workers

November 2, 2012

Jobless Rate Changes Little, Reports U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics   Read »

Invest in SMEs To Help Drive U.S. Economic Growth, ManpowerGroup Advises

August 3, 2012

Entrepreneurs Thrive With Public-Private Sector Support   Read »

Demand Buffered By Uncertainty Continues to Plague U.S. Employers, ManpowerGroup Reports

July 6, 2012

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Indicate A Slow Summer Hiring Pace   Read »

Improving Employability of the U.S. Workforce Is a Shared Responsibility, ManpowerGroup Advises, As Bureau of Labor Reports Steady Jobless Rate

June 1, 2012

Companies Must Stay Focused on Advancing Workers' Overall Capabilities; Individuals Must Proactively Develop Their Skills   Read »

Manpower Advises Companies to Adjust Their Contingent and Permanent Workforce Mix to Ensure Agility in Uncertain Economy

January 25, 2012

Fluctuating Demand Requires Companies to Have a Flexible Staffing Model   Read »

"Row For Freedom," Supported by ManpowerGroup, Achieves Double World Record-Breaking Feat

January 23, 2012

Sheer Human Spirit Sees Team of Five Complete Epic 3,000-mile Voyage to Shine International Spotlight on Issue of Human Trafficking   Read »

Long-Term Career Planning Anchors Leadership Development in the Human Age

September 15, 2011

ManpowerGroup's President of Asia-Pacific and Middle East Leads WEF Panel Discussion on Developing Tomorrow's Business Leaders   Read »

Manpower Employment Outlook Survey: Uncertainty Seems to be Fading as 3Q Outlooks across Major Countries Improve from 12 Months Ago

June 14, 2011

Employers in the Emerging Markets of India and Brazil Continue to Report the Strongest Hiring Intentions Globally, with German Employers Reporting the Strongest Hiring Plans in Four Years   Read »

Manpower Inc. Evolves to Anticipate Clients Needs

March 30, 2011

Inventing World's First Innovative Solutions Company, ManpowerGroup Uniquely Qualified to Deliver Solutions that Help Clients Win in the Human Age   Read »

Manpower Inc. and Microsoft Form Alliance to Stimulate Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and Africa

March 17, 2011

Innovative Workforce Solutions Provider and World's Largest Software Company Join Forces to Unleash Potential of Young People   Read »

Manpower Inc. Named One of Worlds Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere Institute

March 16, 2011

Today's Workforce Demands More Transparent and Socially Conscious Employers   Read »

Manpower Inc. Named Fortunes Most Admired Company for 2011 in Industry

March 8, 2011

Unmatched Global Footprint, First-Class People Management and Commitment to Social Responsibility Sees Company Claim No.1 Spot   Read »

Increase in Temporary Employment Driving Steady Improvement of U.S. Economy

March 4, 2011

Manpower Inc. Sees Flexible Workforces Helping Companies Meet Rising Demand for Products and Services in the Human Age   Read »

Manpower Inc. Recognized for Commitment to Helping Refugees Find Jobs

March 4, 2011

Global Leader in Innovative Workforce Solutions Selected as Sole Recipient of the RefugeeOne 2011 Many Voices, One Vision Recognition Award   Read »

Growing War for Talents Looms as U.S. Economy Continues to Recover

February 4, 2011

Manpower Inc. Advises Companies to Unlock the Human Potential of their People to Retain Critical Skills in an Age When Access to Talent Becomes Key Competitive Differentiator   Read »

Manpower Inc. Launches Suite of Mobile Talent Applications for Recruiters and Candidates

February 1, 2011

Global Innovative Workforce Solutions Provider Revolutionizes How Employers and Candidates Interact Via Smartphone Jobs Features Connecting Clients to Talent They Need Anywhere, Anytime   Read »

Manpower Inc. Launches World of Work Insight in the Human Age Through New iPad Application

January 27, 2011

Global Innovative Workforce Solutions Provider Makes Access to Thought Leadership Virtually Easy   Read »

Manpower Inc. Advocates for Educators, Industries and Governments to Unify and Save a Lost Generation of Workers

January 26, 2011

CNBC Live Debate at the 2011 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Addresses New Education Strategies for Aligning Workers With Today's Fast-Changing Business Demands   Read »

Manpower Inc. Identifies the World Is Entering the Human Age

January 25, 2011

Talent is the New 'it' as Human Potential Rises Up as the New Driver of Economic Growth   Read »

Manpower Inc. Points to Education as Solution to Boost Employment

January 25, 2011

Jeff Joerres, Manpower Inc. Chairman and CEO, Participates in CNBC Live Debate on Measures to Tackle Job Losses at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting   Read »

Manpower Inc. Calls for Action Over High Levels of Youth Unemployment and Underemployment Worldwide

January 24, 2011

Targeted Training Programs, Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Enticing Young People into Skilled Trades the Answer, Says Global Innovative Workforce Solutions Provider   Read »

Manpower Inc. Advises Asian Businesses to Develop Effective Strategies to Unlock the Human Potential of Their Workforce to Ensure Competitive Edge

January 21, 2011

Employers in Region Must Invest in People to Get Ahead in an Increasingly Competitive Global Labor Market   Read »

Manpower Inc. Calls for Education Overhaul to Ease Skills Mismatch

January 21, 2011

Jeff Joerres, Manpower Inc. Chairman and CEO, Participates in CNBC Live Debate on Measures to Boost Jobs in Advanced Economies at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting   Read »

Manpower Inc. Creates Northern and Southern Europe Regions

January 10, 2011

Manpower France President Francoise Gri and Hans Leentjes, head of Central EMEA, take on expanded roles   Read »

New-Year Hiring Plans Indicate Progress Toward Recovery in Worlds Largest Economies According to Quarter 1 2011 Global Manpower Employment Outlook Survey

December 6, 2010

Job Prospects Strongest in India and China as U.S. Data Reveals Most Optimistic 1Q Outlook in Three Years; European Forecasts Remain Mixed as the German Job Market Continues to Strengthen   Read »

Companies Continue to Rely on Flexible Workforces as Demand for Products and Services Remains Uncertain

December 3, 2010

Temporary Jobs Continue to Grow, Manpower Inc. Sees Employers Hire Selectively as November BLS Report Reveals Lower-than-Expected Employment Growth   Read »

Manpower Inc. Warns Untapped Youth Labor Pool Is Hindering Global Economic Recovery as Skills Shortages Become More Acute

December 3, 2010

David Arkless, Manpower Inc. President of Corporate and Government Affairs, is Panelist at CNBC & Blackstone Global Youth Employment Agenda   Read »

Manpower Inc. Calls for Increased Talent Mobility and Improved Employability to Tackle Worsening Skills Mismatches Around the World

November 30, 2010

Skills and Talent Mobility Council at World Economic Forum Summit on the Global Agenda Recommends Actions in Face of Talent Scarcity   Read »

Rio Tinto Selects Manpower Inc. to Provide World-Leading Workforce Solutions in Permanent Recruitment Globally

November 30, 2010

Two-year Agreement will see Manpower Helping Mining Giant Achieve its Global Business Goals   Read »

High-Ranking Beijing Leaders Honor Manpower Inc. for Contributing to Workforce Development in China

November 12, 2010

Manpower President of Corporate and Government Affairs David Arkless Delivers Keynote Address on How to Evolve a China-based Workforce   Read »

Manpower Inc. Advises Foreign Companies in China to Capitalize on Opportunities Presented by the Countrys Rapid Economic Growth

November 10, 2010

Jeff Joerres, Manpower Inc. Chairman and CEO, Discusses Challenges Facing Multinationals and Entrepreneurs in Chinese Market   Read »

Manpower Inc. Warns of Talent Challenges for Foreign Companies in China as Workers are Attracted to Chinese Private-owned Enterprises

November 10, 2010

New Survey Shows 'Golden Brands' are No Longer First Choice for Senior Managers in China   Read »

Manpower Inc. Urges Action to Improve Employment Prospects for Marginalized Youth Unemployed in Middle East and North Africa

October 26, 2010

World Economic Forum Middle East and North Africa Addresses Ways to Equip Young People with Critical Skills to Make Them More Marketable to Employers and Tackle Problem of Youth Unemployment   Read »

Manpower Inc. Outlines Actions to Address Challenges Facing Americas Workforce in Post-Recession New Normal

October 22, 2010

Public-Private Job Creation Programs and Job Training Key to U.S. Maintaining Leading Economic Role, Chairman and CEO Joerres tells Future of WORK Symposium   Read »

Manpower Inc. Reports 3rd Quarter 2010 Results

October 20, 2010

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Inc. Recognized as One of Americas Greenest Companies 2010

October 19, 2010

Newsweek Magazine Names Manpower to Sustainability List for Second Year Running   Read »

Manpower Inc. Calls for Staffing Industry to Seize Opportunity to Shape Post-Recession Workforce

October 14, 2010

Commoditization, Complexity and Legislation Provide Hurdles that Must be Overcome in Order to Deliver Value as Customer Sophistication Intensifies   Read »

World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report Finds Economic Participation is Key for Future Growth

October 12, 2010

Manpower Inc. advises that employers need to reconsider their talent strategies to tap women, currently an underleveraged talent source, to achieve their business strategy   Read »

Manpower Inc. Warns Lack of Long-Term Workforce Strategy Will Deprive Companies of the Talent they Need to Gain Competitive Edge

September 27, 2010

New Survey Reveals Nearly a Quarter of Companies Worldwide Concede Talent Strategy Does Not Support Business Strategy   Read »

Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Shows Emerging Markets Continue to Lead Global Labor Market Recovery; 4Q Outlook Mixed in Europe as Labor Market Remains Robust in China

September 7, 2010

Strongest hiring plans forecast by employers in China, Taiwan, India and Brazil; U.S. employers report cautiously optimistic job prospects   Read »

Manpower Inc. Warns Global Skilled Trades Shortage Could Stall Future Economic Growth

August 25, 2010

Manpower Suggests Strategic Migration, Promoting Skilled Trades Key to Plugging Talent Gap   Read »

Manpower Inc. and Paso del Norte Group Work Together to Bolster Economy and Workforce Readiness of U.S.-Mexico Border Region

August 13, 2010

Manpower Addresses El Paso Border Security Conference on Human Capital Development   Read »

Manpower Inc. Annual Survey Reveals Talent is Elusive - Everywhere Yet Nowhere - as Shortages Persist in Key Roles Despite Perpetual High Unemployment Worldwide

May 20, 2010

Manpower Offers Innovative and Practical Framework to Help Employers Source the Hard-to-Find Talent They Need to Win in the Changing World of Work   Read »

Manpower Inc. Executes Innovative Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution for Techcombank to Help Company Achieve Growth and Expansion Strategy

May 12, 2010

One of Vietnam's Fastest Growing Banks Turns to World's Leading RPO Provider to Source Winning Talent, Drive Onboarding and Develop Staff   Read »

Well-Managed Immigration and Increased Talent Mobility Can Help Europe Remain Competitive in Global Marketplace

May 11, 2010

Manpower Inc. CEO Contributes to World Economic Forum on Europe Session, 'Managing Demographic Drivers, The Talent Gap Question'   Read »

The New Plan for Europe: Greater Unity Key to Drive High Employment and Growth

May 10, 2010

High-level panelists discuss how to turn failing Europe around by 2020   Read »

Manpower Reports 1st Quarter 2010 Results

April 21, 2010

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Inc. and the Ministry of Youth and Sport (Republic of Serbia) Announce Partnership to Provide Innovative Employment Programs for Young People

April 14, 2010

Workforce Solutions Leader, Country's Government Join Forces to Tackle Challenge of Youth Joblessness   Read »

Global Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Reveals Optimism as Most Major Labor Markets Expect to Hire in 2Q at Equal or Stronger Pace as Same Time Last Year

March 8, 2010

Excluding Japan, Job Prospects in Asia Pacific Region Remain Strong; Modest Improvements Across Americas and Mixed in Europe   Read »

Manpower Inc. Joins Forces With Not For Sale Campaign to Mobilize Next Generation of Business Leaders in Fight Against Human Trafficking

March 2, 2010

Manpower Named Lead Sponsor of Global 40-City 'Stop Paying for Slavery' Tour, Focused on Raising Awareness to Eliminate Forced Labor From Supply Chains   Read »

Manpower Inc. Sees Social Networks Evolving Into Commercial Networks for Companies, Providing Access to New Pools of Talent Via Virtual Work

February 9, 2010

Connective Power of Social Media to Enhance Innovation, Collaboration, Employee Engagement and Transform the World of Work   Read »

Manpower Inc. to Acquire COMSYS to Accelerate Its Global Strategy, Scale and Service in Professional Staffing and Solutions

February 2, 2010

Acquisition of COMSYS Offers Strategic and Cultural Fit, Providing the Manpower Group of Companies with Unparalleled Presence, Capabilities and Value to Help Clients and Candidates Win   Read »

Manpower Inc. Launches, a Community-Driven Career Management Social Network that Helps Professionals Improve Skills and Plan Career Journey

January 28, 2010

First-of-its-Kind Social Network Designed with the Sole Purpose of Creating a Work-Ready Talent Pool   Read »

Right Management, a Manpower Company, Cites Employer Wellness Programs as a Building Block for Competitive Advantage During the Economic Recovery

January 27, 2010

Employees are Eight Times More Likely to be Engaged When Wellness is a Priority at Work   Read »

Skills Creation: The Future of Employment Panel at Davos Showcases Manpowers Research, Insight About Building Post-Crisis Workforce

January 26, 2010

As 'Workforce Accelerators,' Temporary Workers are a Company's Best Kept Secret for a Sustainable Comeback, Manpower Inc. Chairman and CEO Joerres Illustrates for World Economic Forum Executives, Government Leaders   Read »

Manpower Inc. Identifies Four Mega Trends That Are Transforming and Accelerating the Way the World Works

January 26, 2010

Annual Manpower Research Indicates that Talent Mismatches, Individual Choice, Customer Sophistication and Technological Revolutions are Increasing the Velocity of Change in the World of Work   Read »

Manpower Inc. to Execute Worlds Largest and Most Complex Recruitment Process Outsourcing Program

December 21, 2009

Australian Defence Force Returns to Manpower to Leverage Global Footprint, Critical Workforce Expertise   Read »

New-Year Hiring Expected to Return to Pre-Recession Pace in Asia Pacific, While Job Prospects Continue to Slowly Improve in the Americas and Europe

December 7, 2009

Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Reveals Weakest First-Quarter Hiring Plans for the U.S. Since 1982, With Indian Employers Most Optimistic About Adding Staff   Read »

Manpower Calls for Employers to Evolve Talent Strategies to Increase Speed of Execution and Competitive Advantage in the Post-Recession World

November 2, 2009

62% of Employers Globally Don't View Contingent Labor as Critical to Business Success   Read »

Manpower Inc. Reports 3rd Quarter 2009 Results

October 21, 2009

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Inc. President of Corporate and Government Affairs David Arkless to Fill Key Leadership Role Thursday at Fifth Annual Clinton Global Initiative

September 23, 2009

Working Group Challenges Prominent Participants to Work Together to End Human Trafficking   Read »

Manpower Inc. Recognized as One of Americas Greenest Companies

September 22, 2009

Newsweek, Dow Jones Rankings Underscore Strong Environmental Performance   Read »

Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Indicates Worlds Labor Markets Will Still Be Challenged in Fourth Quarter 2009, but Many Headed in the Right Direction

September 7, 2009

Emerging Markets More Optimistic than G7 countries with Indian and Brazilian Employers Reporting Strongest Hiring Plans Globally; More U.S. Employers Say They Will Hold On to Current Staff   Read »

Global Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Reveals Continued Weak Hiring Ahead But More Employers Are Saying They Will Hold On to Current Staff in the Third Quarter

June 8, 2009

Europe's manufacturing job prospects worsen as German employers report first negative hiring outlook in three years; U.S. hiring forecast remains unchanged    Read »

Manpower Inc. Annual Survey Reveals Talent Shortages Continue Despite Current Economic Environment

May 27, 2009

30% of Employers Worldwide Struggling to Find Qualified Job Candidates   Read »

Manpower Reports 1st Quarter 2009 Results

April 21, 2009

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Reveals Continuation of Global Hiring Slowdown Through the Second Quarter of 2009

March 9, 2009

U.S. hiring plans weakest since 1982 recession, as the downturn takes its toll on Asia Pacific job prospects    Read »

Manpower Inc. is First Foreign Multinational Corporation to Receive License to Provide Permanent Employment Services in Vietnam

February 22, 2009

Manpower Inc. Delivers One-Stop Employment Service Solution to Vietnam, Creating Job Prospects, Increased Flexibility and Efficiency    Read »

Manpower Inc. Chairman and CEO Jeff Joerres to Co-Chair World Economic Forum India Economic Summit 2008, 16-18 November

November 16, 2008

Joerres Remarks, Manpower India White Paper Address the Country's Emergence as a Major Supplier of International Talent in Context of Current Global Economic Climate    Read »

Manpower Inc.s Three CEOs Will Ring the Closing Bell on Friday 14 November 2008

November 13, 2008

Celebration Marks Global Leader's 60 Years Helping People, Businesses Win in Changing World of Work    Read »

Manpower Inc. Reports 3rd Quarter 2008 Results

October 21, 2008

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Global Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Reveals Employers in 25 of 33 Countries and Territories Surveyed Set to Slow Hiring From Three Months Ago

September 8, 2008

Outlooks remain relatively stable in France and Germany while job prospects expected to weaken from three months ago in the U.S. and U.K.    Read »

Manpower Inc. Celebrates First Anniversary in Second Life

July 28, 2008

Event Convenes Second Life Gurus to Discuss Opportunities to Further Real Life Social Responsibility Efforts in Virtuality    Read »

Global Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Reveals Weaker Job Prospects for the Majority of World Labor Markets Compared to One Year Ago

June 9, 2008

Quarter-over-quarter data suggests hiring outlooks may be stabilizing, especially in Europe    Read »

Manpower Reports 1st Quarter 2008 Results

April 18, 2008

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Inc. to Acquire CRI Inc. to Strengthen U.S. Market Presence in Recruitment Process Outsourcing

March 31, 2008

CRI Inc., a Leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service Provider, to Operate Under the Manpower Business Solutions Service Line    Read »

Manpower Inc. Acquires Clarendon Parker Middle East to Become Market Leader in Employment Services

January 10, 2008

Clarendon Parker Middle East, the Region's Largest Employment Services Provider, to Operate Under the Manpower Inc.'s Manpower Professional, Right Management, and Manpower Business Solutions Service Brands    Read »

Manpower Inc. Declares 37 Cent Dividend

October 23, 2007

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Reports 3rd Quarter 2007 Results

October 17, 2007

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Inc. is the First Foreign Multinational Corporation to Receive License to Provide Temporary Staffing Services in China

October 10, 2007

Manpower Inc. Delivers One-Stop Employment Service Solution to Organizations Across China, Creating Job Prospects, Increased Flexibility and Efficiency    Read »

Global Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Reveals Strong Hiring Plans Ahead for Japan, Germany, India, Sweden and Australia

September 11, 2007

Cool Down Predicted in China; U.S. Outlook Remains Steady From Three Months Ago    Read »

Manpower Inc. Declares 32 Cent Dividend

May 2, 2007

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Reports 1st Quarter 2007 Results

April 20, 2007

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Global Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Reveals German Employers Set to Increase Hiring, as Demands for New Employees in India and the U.S. Are Expected to Ease

March 12, 2007

Global Outlook Mixed, With Employers in 14 Countries and Territories Reporting Improved Hiring Plans From One Year Ago    Read »

Manpower Professional Survey Finds 25 Percent of Employers Worldwide Experiencing Wage Inflation Due to Talent Shortages

October 23, 2006

29 Percent of Employers Would Have Hired More Professional Staff if Available    Read »

Manpower Reports 3rd Quarter 2006 Results

October 17, 2006

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Global Survey of 49,000 Employers Reveals Stable or Improved Hiring Activity Ahead for Most Major Labor Markets

September 12, 2006

Job Prospects to Improve in Germany and Italy, Remain Stable in the U.S.    Read »

Global Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Shows Strong Hiring Ahead in Third Quarter for India, as China Reports Weaker Hiring Plans

June 12, 2006

Employment Outlook Declines in Germany, While U.S. Employers Continue Steady Hiring Trend    Read »

Manpower Inc. Declares 27 Cent Dividend

April 28, 2006

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Inc. Reports 1st Quarter Results

April 18, 2006

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Inc. Talent Shortage Survey Reveals 40% of Employers Worldwide Are Struggling to Find Qualified Job Candidates

February 20, 2006

Sales Professionals, Engineers and Technicians Top the 'Most Wanted' List    Read »

Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Shows Soft Hiring Outlook for Europe, Particularly in Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Sweden

December 13, 2005

U.S. Job Prospects Remain Steady With Construction Sector Employers Reporting Most Optimistic Outlook in 27 Years    Read »

Manpower Reports 3rd Quarter 2005 Results

October 19, 2005

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Global Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Reveals Fourth Quarter Hiring Activity to Soften in 13 of 23 Countries Surveyed

September 12, 2005

Continued Strong Hiring Ahead in India and the United States, as German Employers Return to Pessimism    Read »

Manpower Inc. Declares 20 Cent Dividend

April 27, 2005

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Reveals Notably More Optimistic Employment Prospects in Japan, Germany, Mexico, Norway and Australia for Second Quarter

March 14, 2005

Survey of More Than 40,000 Employers in 21 Countries and Territories Includes China and Taiwan for the First Time This Quarter    Read »

Manpower Inc. to Build $1 Million Vocational Training Center in Tamil Nadu, India to Help Rebuild Lives of Those Affected by Asian Tsunami Disaster

January 10, 2005

New Center Brings Total Commitment Worldwide to $1.7 Million, Including Cash Donations    Read »

French Authorities Initiate Inquiry

November 30, 2004

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Reports 3rd Quarter 2004 Results

October 19, 2004

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Global Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Shows Fourth-Quarter Hiring Strongest in the United States, Mexico, Hong Kong and New Zealand

September 14, 2004

German Labor Market Continues Slow, But Steady, Improvement in Hiring Activity    Read »

Employers Reveal Continued Optimism With Steady Hiring Plans for Q3 According to Manpower Employment Outlook Survey

June 14, 2004

Belgium, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore and Spain Report Highest-Ever Outlooks    Read »

Manpower Inc. Selects PeopleSoft Enterprise Services Procurement to Power Future Versions of its Industry-Leading UltraSource Order Management Tool

October 16, 2003

Industry Knowledge From UltraSource Tool Provided to PeopleSoft for Integrated Development of Manpower's Next Generation Software    Read »

Manpower Reports 3rd Quarter 2003 Results

October 16, 2003

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Inc. Lands Top Spot in Staffing Industry on Fortunes Annual List Of Americas Most Admired Companies

February 20, 2003

Company Ranks Number One in 'Temporary Help' Category in Each of Eight Key Attributes of Reputation    Read »

Manpower Reports 3rd Quarter 2002 Results

October 17, 2002

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Reports 1st Quarter Results

April 16, 2002

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Inc. Declares Dividend

November 1, 2001

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Reports 3rd Quarter 2001 Results

October 18, 2001

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Inc. Declares Ten Cent Dividend

May 2, 2001

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Declares Ten Cent Dividend

November 13, 2000

PRNewswire Release   Read »

Manpower Reports 2nd Quarter, First Half Results

July 25, 2000

Earnings Per Share Rise 23 Percent for 2nd Quarter on 17 Percent Revenue Gain    Read »